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October 15, 2022 4 Min Read

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Workout Only Two Hours Per Week and Build a d Godly Physique   

Let's be honest: it can SUCK working out every day of the week for hours on end if you have other responsibilities such as work, family, or simply other hobbies you enjoy.

I’ve had so many clients who were originally reluctant to go to the gym because they thought they needed to go every day and put in countless, arduous hours. I’ve also had various clients who would go to the gym every day for maybe a month or so, but then quit entirely because of how hard it was to stay consistent. 

The common denominator for both of these groups of people is that they ultimately ended up not going to the gym. This is exactly what we want to avoid. Following a training regimen has a multitude of benefits affecting your quality of life such as its positive effects on your physical health and mental & emotional health. You don’t want to miss out on these. But I get it – it’s not easy when you have a long and exhausting day at work and then barely have any other free time. 

That’s why YOU don’t need to have this issue. You can work out for only two hours a week and get great results. Here’s how: 

Optimize your Nutrition Outside of the Gym 

No matter how many days you workout, you won’t get close to the results you could be getting if you're not putting the right things into your body. In order to get the most optimal results in your two hours per week at the gym, you need to optimize your nutrition as well. Now I could go into immense detail about nutritional principles, but that’s for another article. That’s why I’m going to explain the most important nutritional aspects as it relates to purely building muscle. 

First, you should focus on protein. Aiming for .8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is ideal for reaping maximum muscle-building benefits. If you struggle with hunger, 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight may be a better daily goal for you. 

Another important element to consider is the total amount of calories you are consuming. If your main goal is to build muscle, you should be eating in a calorie surplus of no more than 500 calories. A 500 calorie surplus is the high end and how much of a surplus you will be eating in depends on you and your body. If you are currently dieting, do not over-restrict calories or lose weight too quickly as this could lead to muscle loss as well. 

In addition to total calories, eating a well-balanced diet is key. Don’t avoid carbs and don’t avoid fats. They WILL NOT make you fat. Both fats and carbs are crucial for maintaining many bodily functions which contribute to building muscle. 

Lastly, be sure to stay hydrated. This is the easiest and simplest thing to follow but so many people don’t do it. Water will help transport nutrients like protein to your cells which will help you with building muscle. Staying hydrated will also help protect from fatigue during your workouts. The most practical recommendation for water intake is to make sure your pee is constantly the color of a plastic straw. Any less, and you could probably benefit from drinking more water. 

Optimize your Time in the Gym with Proper Exercise Selection

Hollywood and the media would have you thinking you need to workout for HOURS every day to produce results but the science is actually very clear that even working out one time per week generates results. Since we have now established the science and broken a common myth, this means that you can workout 1-2 days per week and get great results if you make the best of each workout. 

For starters, if you are still using the cardio equipment during your gym time you need to stop immediately. Yes, cardio is good for your heart health and as a quick warm up but it actually damages your metabolism at rest and doesn’t help you build muscle. That’s why your main goal should be to build muscle through resistance training (lifting weights). Weight lifting will allow you to sculpt the desired look you are after and the increase in muscle mass will dramatically improve your metabolism making it easier to burn off the fat. 

So how exactly do you optimize your time in the gym so you can get in-and-out within an hour? You need to be choosing the exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to building muscle and strength. That’s why I recommend prioritizing compound movements which are movements that take multiple joints or muscles through a range of motion. Good examples of compound movements are squats and deadlifts which are great for packing on lots of muscle as they demand the recruitment of many muscles and are very physically demanding. Doing compound movements is a far superior approach for time efficiency than doing many time-costly isolation movements like bicep curls (not to say that isolation movements don’t have a place). 

It is also important to stress the use of proper technique and form. Apart from preventing injury, good form will allow you to recruit the right muscles in each exercise that you perform. Because proper form helps you recruit the right muscles, you can actually do less sets and grow more than if you were doing a few sets more with improper form. 

The last tip for optimizing your gym time is specific to if you are dieting. During a dieting phase, it is especially helpful to aim for 10,000 steps a day since this will give you room to eat more while still losing weight. Instead of going on an extra walk or two during the day, you can get the extra steps in during your gym time. Instead of going on your phone or simply sitting down in between sets, you can be walking around the gym whether that be around the perimeter or just back and forth. 

Build your Godly Physique

Once you’ve built all the new muscle in a time efficient way by following these tips, it is very easy to drop any excess fat you don’t want since each pound of muscle can burn up to 5x more calories than a pound of fat. If you focus on a few nutritional principles and really make the best of the time you do have in the gym, you truly can build those boulder shoulders and lose your jelly belly in only 2 hours per week! 

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