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September 14, 2022 3 Min Read

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Can't control your hunger when you lower calories?

do this instead ... 

It can be very frustrating to make a whole plan for how you are going to get in shape, start a new diet, and then feel miserable because of how hungry you are. This article will help you avoid just that.

You finally decide to make a change and get rid of your excess body fat. You do some research and find the perfect diet. You’re ecstatic and can’t wait to start it the coming week. Monday rolls around … your first day of dieting! Everything seems to be going great but then, it’s a few hours after dinner. You’ve already eaten all your planned calories for the day but somehow you are STILL STARVING.

Has this happened to you? 

Because this is exactly what happens to so many of my clients before they come to me. They’re afraid to diet again because of how tremendously hungry they were when they tried the special fad diet that was supposed to work wonders. I’ve had people come to me who tried Keto, the Paleo diet, a Vegan diet, the Mediterranean diet, etc. You name it and my clients have tried it! 

These diets can work, but they don’t for lots of people. Sure, they can be “scientifically proven” to work. But does it work for you? Do you gain all the weight back after you get results? 

The idea of these diets are all the same. They restrict a certain food group and emphasize another food group in an effort to inherently lower your calories and keep you full. But that doesn’t mean they work. In fact, these diets alone won’t keep you full. They’re a swing or a miss and they’re far from ideal. 

Fortunately, there’s another way. A way you can eat MORE of your favorite foods and lose EVEN MORE weight without starving yourself.

I know this seems impossible, but let me explain because this can change the way you go about your eating and fitness routine forever. 

When most people restrict calories, they restrict way too many. I’ve had clients eating as low as 1000 calories per day! Yes, they got some temporary results doing this, but guess what? Not only were they always starving and miserable but their weight loss plateaued and they couldn’t get any more results. 

This is due to a survival mechanism known as metabolic adaptation which leaves you not being able to lose anymore weight if you lower calories too quickly. That’s why I recommend conservatively restricting calories by 300-500 calories below your maintenance calories. 

Does restricting even 500 calories sound like too many to you?... 

Because that’s completely valid. That’s also why you should walk more. The new trend from experts is to walk 10,000 steps a day. That’s a great target to set for yourself because the average person only walks 2,700 steps a day which only burns less than 150 calories. Throw in the extra steps to get to 10,000 and you're burning closer to 450 calories! Since you're moving more, you can eat more as a result and feel both fuller and more energized. 

Want to eat EVEN MORE food and keep losing fat? 

That’s easy. Just engage in a weight training program 2-3 times per week. This tip right here is the most crucial element and will make your weight loss efforts seem like a breeze. The reason this is so effective is because muscle REINVIGORATES your metabolism. Each pound of muscle burns up to 5x more calories than each pound of fat so the more muscle you build, the better your metabolism will be. You will be burning more calories just by sitting on your couch if you have more muscle. This means that you can eat more food to lose weight!

Ok, but what if you apply all of these tips and you are still somehow full? 

Focus on your nutrition. The number one nutritional tip to make you feel fuller is to EAT MORE PROTEIN. I can’t stress this enough. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient and will also help you build muscle (which increases your metabolism). Another crucial tip is to eat more fruits and veggies since these have higher concentrations of fiber which will make you feel fuller as well. You should also have 3-5 meals spread out as evenly as you can. Lastly, nail the basic things like drinking enough water and getting a quality sleep every night. These few tweaks can make ALL the difference. 

In conclusion,  you really can eat more of your favorite foods and lose even more body fat while feeling full. Follow the steps above and you will be well on your way to losing your jelly-belly without starving yourself. 

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