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October 29, 2022 3 Min Read

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Biggest Exercises to build your metabolism

The best form exercise to build your metabolism is probably not what you think. That's why we're giving you all the tools to boost your metabolism in this article so you can apply it right away.

Let’s start with this… It’s NOT cardio. Ever since the running revolution occurred in the late 1970’s the primary form of exercise has been to run. Nothing wrong with running or any other form of cardio, but to say it’s the best for fat loss and building the metabolism would be invalid.

We now know that the biggest indicators of a healthy and thriving metabolism are muscle mass and NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Fancy words for saying unplanned exercise/ movement which may include walking, performing chores around the house, cleaning, shopping, etc. 

To increase the amount of muscle mass we have on our body, we must perform some sort of resistance training. Muscle tissue is metabolically expensive to our bodies. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn at REST. The body won’t keep that muscle on without a reason to, hence why we must perform resistance training to preserve it during a diet and build when we’re in a slight caloric surplus. 

Now that we’ve established WHY we want to increase muscle mass for a revving metabolism, here are some of the exercises to build muscle mass without wasting more time in the gym doing 100 exercises. 


Performing full range of motion squats has got to be one of the BEST ways to put on muscle, especially for your legs. This exercise incorporates almost every muscle in the body and builds muscle faster than almost any other leg exercise out there. After getting the technique down, loading and progressing with the squat will be a surefire way to build muscle and burn more calories at rest. 


Another full body exercise that incorporates almost every muscle in the body. Once technique is solid, being able to progress in load will do wonders to your overall muscle growth. People with strong deadlifts tend to have STRONG backs and legs. Think about it. If you’re able to pull hundreds of pounds off the floor, stabilizing the bar with every muscle in your body, you would have to have BUILT muscles. 


There are many forms of rowing from dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, bodyweight, etc. Getting proficient in this movement will do wonders to the building potential for your back as you can really load this movement as you get stronger and are able to feel the target back muscles working. This movement builds your back, biceps, and the back of your shoulders making it one of the best overall movements to perform. 

Pull Ups

Being able to do pull ups is already a huge feat. If you’re able to do full range of motion for pull ups, your back will be JACKED. Performing pull ups will build size in the back primarily and biceps. If unable to perform, assisted pull ups with a machine or bands will help you on your journey. If not, lat pulldowns and other vertical pulling machines can help, but are not to the same caliber as doing pull ups

Chest Pressing

Many forms of pressing include flat, incline, and decline pressing mainly with dumbbells and barbells. Performing pressing movements incorporate many muscles of the upper body including the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Hitting multiple upper body muscles at once ensures that you’re getting the most of each movement per unit of time as opposed to hitting each single muscle on its own. 

Shoulder Pressing

There are many ways to press overhead. Being able to press overhead means you have good stability, strength, and mobility to move your arms over your head with weight properly. You can use dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells for overhead pressing, each making the technique different. Overhead pressing includes shoulders, triceps, and a little bit of chest. People with great overhead pressing strength and technique also have BOULDERS for shoulders. Get really good at shoulder pressing and see how much muscle you can put on in your pushing muscles

Those are the primary resistance training movements to put on muscle for your ENTIRE body. Performing those movements or variations of them will be the key to success in putting on muscle on your frame, boosting your metabolism.

Let’s shift the focus on NEAT for a second. NEAT accounts for nearly 15% of the calories burned in a day. That means all the movements you do outside of planned exercise account for 15% of your day’s calorie expenditure. Easy ways to get this up is to walk more. 

Some tips on walking more are taking 10-15 minute walks outside after eating. Not only does that help digestion, performing this at every meal means either 30 to 60 extra minutes moving per day. That can be as low as burning 150 calories to as high as 400 calories. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the magic step count per day being 10,000. The intended purpose of that is to make sure your NEAT is consistent throughout the week, also forcing you to be cognizant if you’re being too sedentary day to day. It’s also a general guideline for heart health as walking seems to be the BEST for maintaining a healthy heart. 

In our APEX method, we immediately focus on moving more and getting ready to perform the big resistance training movements right from Phase 1: Awareness. We build the habit of getting up a certain step count while practicing technique for the big movements. Once the step count has consistently increased and technique is sufficient, we start moving them to Phase 2: Potentiate, where we actively BUILD muscle. That whole phase is focusing on REVVING the metabolism. Now that technique is sufficient, we’re focusing on getting stronger with each movement. Over a few months, each major movement should be up in reps, sets, and/or weight. Meaning, people have built muscle which consequently builds the metabolism. 

Give these exercises a try. Make sure to start walking more. See how much your metabolism BUILDS. 

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