The APEX Method

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What exactly is the apex method?

The Origin story

when Coach chris and coach benji met, the two would frequently discuss exercise science and virtually anything related to fitness. One day the two were discussing how well there clients were doing. But something struck them as very strange. they asked themselves why it was that both themselves and their owns clients could lose fat like it was nothing, while other people who tried everything to burn fat either failed completely or eventually gained all the fat back. After pondering this for some time, they had an epiphany. No one else was doing what they were doing for their clients.

benji and chris would have their clients eat more in the beginning and build as much muscle as possible in order to reinvigorate their metabolism. Then, the fat came off easy. This went against everything that the fitness industry was telling people and even against what the majority of personal trainers were doing! In reality, what benji and chris had their clients do was quite simple to them ...

it was the direct result of years of experience and studying exercise science. But the idea of potentiating one's metabolism before dieting was fringe.

benji and chris knew they had something special and really honed in on the details. They touched up every little thing they were doing with their clients in order to make their methodical approach easy to digest for anyone. What they came up with is today called THE APEX METHOD.

The 4 phase system

the apex method is composed of four distinct phases. The first phase is the Awareness phase. The second phase is the potentiate phase. After that comes the eliminate phase and the last one is the excel phase. The apex method works on everyone, but benji and chris designed it to help busy men who don't have much time to workout and who have tried every fitness trend under the sun and still haven't gotten lasting and sustainable results. Continue to read below about each of the four phases of the apex method!


The purpose of this phase is to understand what you are eating, your movement patterns, and why you feel the way you do. You also build a proper foundation with form in the gym and become competent in nutrition. During this phase, you pull yourself away from yo-yo dieting and eat the amount of calories it takes to maintain your current bodyweight


This phase's main goal is to reinvigorate your metabolism by upping the calories. here, you are getting yourself ready to easily lose the body fat since you are potentiating your metabolism by turning it into a rapid ferrari. On the training end, you will start the up the volume in the gym and pack on tons of muscle.


This phase is what all the hard work leads up to. You will start to quickly eliminate the body fat with ease while eating more than you ever could while losing weight. by the end of this phase, you will be much leaner, more muscular, and feel better than ever before. This phase lasts a quick 8-12 weeks!


by this phase, the bulk of the effort has been put in and there are drastic results to speak for it. the volume will be lowered in the gym so your muscles and joints have room for recovery. on the nutrition front, you will be eating more calories than you would think possible to maintain your current level of leanness. This is the phase where there is cause for celebration because the "new you" has been built and is here to stay.