Chris lee

Founder and Coach at Generation Fit

Chris Started Training at the young age of 16. At that time, he was hanging around friends who weren't doing the right things, getting into trouble constantly. It took a major transgression for him to realize the path he was currently taking was going to ruin his life. Luckily, a baseball teammate recommended a strength & conditioning coach who took average teenagers and built them into powerhouses. It was with coach Zach Even-Esh at Underground Strength Gym who guided him mentally, physically, and spiritually to lift Chris from the dark hole he was digging himself into.

After just 6 months of training, Chris went from 200 pounds to 170 pounds. Body fat Percentage decreased from 25% to 15%. Having a massive shift in his life, Chris fell in love more with training than baseball. Nothing felt more badass than lifting 315 pounds from the floor from being unable to lift a 40 pound dumbbell from the floor in just 6 months. He fell in love with the process and the changes that were happening to him. Lifting became his passion, nearly an obsession. The modality that cured his depression and self loathing that nearly took him down.

He went on to start an internship with Zach. He wanted to know everything there was to know about his training methods - the nutrition, the training, the mindset, etc. all played a massive role in the development of successful athletes. To learn more of the science and application of exercise and nutrition, Chris went on to graduate with an undergraduate degree in sports medicine.

During his studies and clinical internships, he knew his heart was with training people to be in the strongest and healthiest shape of their lives instead of sports medicine.

Starting Generation Fit was the antidote to the chaos we call the fitness industry. The blatant lies and misinformation the general industry was putting out was abysmal to say the least. It took Chris nearly a decade of experience under some of the best coaches in the industry to really grasp what needed changing.

In the decade of experience, he managed and trained at big box gyms, private gyms, and health and wellness centers. He has trained hundreds of successful clients and dozens of successful trainers. Having clients from all walks of life, he started to understand the common mistakes people were making that were detracting them from making life long changes to their health and fitness. Culminating his experience, he realized he was unable to make the biggest impact he could working under companies that weren't his own.

At the young age of 26, he co-founded Generation FIt and the APEX Method. It's The company and method that will continue to impact hundreds and thousands of people from making the common mistakes most other people are making in their journey. Chris's sole mission was to create a generation of fit people to combat the atrocities of modern day life in a sustainable, healthy, and meaningful way.

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