Benji tucker

Founder and coach at generation fit

Benji picked up his first weight when he was 17 years old. Originally, he was a soccer player but he became depressed because he had no social life or balance that came with all of the effort he had put into the sport. With not many friends and not feeling like he got the respect he deserved from those around him, Benji decided to make a change that would transform his life forever. He was tired of being called skinny all the time and not having his presence felt when he stepped into a room. enough was enough. So, Benji would decide to dedicate everything to building structure in his life by going to the gym and building his body. Benji became obsessed with reading everything that related to fitness and nutrition and was able to apply this to get quick results. He realized the instant effect that lifting weights had on his life and never looked back.

Although Benji was quick to understand many nutrition and training principles, he soon plateaued. Benji began to have dreadful, flu-like symptoms over the course of a few days. This happened three times in an entire month which landed him in the hospital out of fear that something very bad was going on. Turns out, Benji was luckily just overtraining in the gym.

During the same time, Benji began to have joint issues and muscular pain as well. Something had to change or serious damage could be done to his body. Because of this, Benji rethought his entire approach to fitness. Although he was still aesthetically driven, he learned the valuable lesson that health and longevity were just as important. From here, Benji sifted through all of the research in regards to fitness and nutrition in order to discern what was truly science-based and what was simply a lie from the fitness industry.

Benji used this newfound knowledge to pack on more muscle and feel better than he ever had. Shortly thereafter, he become a personal trainer at just 18 years old and applied his science-based training philosophy to help his clients get real results like he had gotten for himself. After improving the lives of countless clients, Benji met Chris Lee at a local gym. The two shared very similar values in life but also in regards to health and fitness. They saw the opportunity to make a change in the fitness industry and that's when Benji and Chris started Generation Fit and came up with the APEX Method which has helped transform numerous lives forever!

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